Peptan: multi-beneficial and versatile

With recognized health benefits supported by scientific studies and the widest range of origins and options, Peptan is a premium bioactive protein. Neutral in taste and providing multiple functional benefits, it is an ideal ingredient for different formulations, from powdered drinks to nutrition bars, confectionery, dairy and more. Peptan collagen peptides offer many exciting opportunities for you to satisfy your customers with healthy, attractive food, and dietary and nutri-cosmetic solutions. Contact us if you need formulation support.

Ease of use

  • Neutral taste and odor 
  • Transparent in solution
  • Instant solubility in cold and warm liquid
  • Superior wettability
  • Stable in a wide range of pH (3 to 7)
  • Heat-stable
  • Dust-free powder
  • High water-binding capacity
  • Acts as texturizer
  • Compatible with other active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, ferments...
  • Compatible with all process steps (fermentation, acidification, thermal UHT treatment, pasteurization)