BeautyCol® is an instant drink containing 10g Peptan, pomegranate extract, and beet extract. When taken daily, it helps maintain the beauty of the skin, hair and nails. BeautyCol® is distributed in beauty and food supplement shops and pharmacies.

Nutrimuscle collagene peptide

Collagen Peptides Nutrimuscle contains Peptan® 2000 Daltons. It is collagen type 1 the same collagen as found in human tissues. Collagen is the protein that provides cohesion, strength and elasticity to the joints, muscles and tendons.

Pure Gold Collagen®

Pure Gold Collagen® is premium anti-aging beauty boosting skincare supplement. Developed by Minerva Research Labs and European scientists based on knowledge and research from Japan (the most advanced nutricosmetic/nutraceutical market in the world), Pure Gold Collagen® combines a unique blend of Hydrolysed Collagen and active ingredients that work from within.

Sohamm Healthy Powdered Collagen Drink 

A unique blend of highly bioavailable collagen peptides Peptan® B 2000 LD with patented PLX® Lemon Verbena anti-inflammatory polyphenols compound and standardised Rosehip extract (natural vitamin C complex). This formula delivers proven health benefits including excellent results in joints and skin health as well as muscle recovery. Outstanding product for active individuals to support muscle and musculoskeletal systems as well as anyone looking to support their joint health. A perfect daily companion to promote healthy aging and longevity. The product has a refreshing natural lemon taste and is easily soluble in cold water or soft drinks. 

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Weider Collagen

Collagen is a protein present in the connective tissues and is key to skin, bone and cartilage regeneration and elasticity. The ingredients of Weider’s Collagen haven been carefully chosen to stimulate the production of collagen to help regenerate bones and cartilages. In addition, its exceptional formula is ideal to protect skin from ageing and oxidative damage, thus contributing to keep it firm and young.


Food supplement based on hydrolyzed collagen of marine origin, hyaluronic acid, turmeric, vitamins C-D, zinc and plant extracts as anti-aging to gain elasticity, avoid wrinkles and maintain beauty.






Food supplement based on hydrolyzed collagen of marine origin, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C and D for renewing cartilages and muscular comfort.