Vivania Beauty Shot 250 ml

Vivania Beauty Shot contains 10 000 mg hydrolyzed Peptan® fish collagen, microencapsulated hyaluronic acid 100 mg and vitamin C 75 mg.  Vivania Beauty Shot supplement perfects the skin`s appearance and enhances skin beauty by nourishing and moisturizing skin from within; enhancing skin's firmness and elasticity while maintaining healthy skin structure. To obtain good results it is recommended to take Vivania Beauty Shot continuously for 4-8 weeks. For the best results it is recommended to take it for 12 weeks.

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Weider Collagen

Collagen is a protein present in the connective tissues and is key to skin, bone and cartilage regeneration and elasticity. The ingredients of Weider’s Collagen haven been carefully chosen to stimulate the production of collagen to help regenerate bones and cartilages. In addition, its exceptional formula is ideal to protect skin from ageing and oxidative damage, thus contributing to keep it firm and young.