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What conscientious consumers need to know about marine collagen peptides

The health benefits of collagen peptides have been known for centuries. In recent years, increasing evidence has been found for their support of skin and hair beauty, joint and bone health, and sports recovery. Today, collagen peptides produced from fish are becoming more and more popular. In this article, we explore where these marine collagen peptides come from, how they are produced, and what you need to consider, as a conscientious consumer, when choosing your product.   What are marine collagen peptides? Marine collagen peptides are a health ingredient made from fish and used in a variety of health and beauty products. Like bovine, porcine and other fish collagens, these collagen peptides are produced from 100% natural animal sources – in this case, the skins of wild-caught ocean...


Rémi Blanchard joins as Peptan ambassador

“I have been taking Peptan collagen peptides for the past nine months, they have been a game-changing shift in my lifestyle, helping me to recover faster in my intense training schedule” - Rémi Blanchard   With Peptan, bringing a world of health benefits   Rousselot is proud to announce its partnership with Rémi Blanchard, a French personal trainer and sports nutritionist as Peptan ambassador. Rémi will help to bring Peptan's mission— "A world of health benefits" to the public by sharing his experience and expertise on how to stay active and healthy by balancing exercises and nutrition.   “I used to compete in different martial arts tournaments as well as in strength and conditioning and I really loved that. I find beauty in physical exercise and truly believe in a holistic...

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Like mother, like daughter

Answer to Sandy and Noely’s youth secret - Collagen   We went backstage with Sandy to find out how Sandy and her mother Noely managed to stay youthful. Watch to find out more:     Peptan collagen peptides is backed by science to support beauty from within, joint and bone health and promote exercise recovery, discover more on Peptan’s science. Find out where you can buy Peptan close to you.   [mkdf_button size="" type="" text="Where to buy" custom_class="" icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon="" link="" target="_blank" color="" hover_color="" background_color="" hover_background_color="" border_color="" hover_border_color="" font_size="" font_weight="" margin=""]...

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Hockey star Bjorn Kellerman extends partnership with Rousselot

Dutch field hockey star Bjorn Kellerman has extended his partnership with Rousselot until December 2021.  The partnership, which began in January 2019, highlights how Peptan collagen peptides can benefit top elite athletes like Kellerman, a World Championship and European Title winner.   Accelerated recovery Kellerman is enthusiastic about the boost Peptan has given him:  ‘An important part of my daily routine is Peptan collagen peptides. I use Peptan every day and since I started with it, two years ago, it has been very important in boosting my performance and recovery after games. With my intensive training program I must keep my body in good condition.’   ‘I give my joints a hard time’ Kellerman also uses Peptan IIm, as it helps his ‘joints to be better protected and to remain healthy’....

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Start your day with Sontal® Collagen, celebrating 10 years of promoting quality of life

Our co-branded partner SONTAL® Collagen from South Africa is on Die Groot Ontbyt!   The daily breakfast program that broadcasts on GrootFM 90.5 and kykNET, dstv channel 144, weekdays from 06:00.   On the program Elmarie and Johan Esterhuyse, owner and co-founder, tell the story behind SONTAL® collagen and provide a short introduction to the benefits of their product with Peptan collagen peptides inside. Covering the science behind collagen peptides for beauty from within, sports nutrition, joint and bone health and more, this program gives you insights into how SONTAL collagen and support your health holistically.   Watch Sontal's interview on Die Groot Ontbyt:     [mkdf_button size="" type="" text="Visit Sontal's website to know more!" custom_class="" icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon="" link="" target="_blank" color="" hover_color="" background_color="" hover_background_color="" border_color="" hover_border_color="" font_size="" font_weight="" margin=""]...

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Product of the month – Meeting Malaysia’s health, fitness and beauty needs with Naturion

Continuing our series of monthly interviews with Peptan co-branded partners, we introduce Naturion, a company that works with Peptan to produce high-quality Naturion collagen for the market in Malaysia.   Author: Manfred Wong, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Naturion Sdn Bhd   Tell us about Naturion collagen At Naturion, we produce high-quality and innovative collagen supplements for the Malaysian market. Our collagen products have unbeatable benefits and are used by hundreds of people throughout the country to support their health, fitness, and beauty. Can you briefly tell us about the history of Naturion? Naturion Sdn Bhd was established in 2002. Before we moved into collagen supplements, we represented Rousselot in raw material distribution in Malaysia. After almost two decades, in 2018, we relaunched as a collagen supplement company, working with...

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Dutch Olympic and Paralympic athletes continue to rely on collagen

Elite sports centre Papendal extends partnership with Peptan through to 2021 games Professional athletes hoping to represent the Netherlands at the 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, will continue to rely on Peptan® collagen peptides as a vital part of their sports nutrition programme. Peptan producer Rousselot and Dutch National Sports Centre Papendal teamed up in 2019 and have agreed to extend their partnership through to next year’s Games.   Collagen and collagen peptides are quickly gaining ground in sports nutrition – both professional and recreational – because of their science-backed health benefits. These include the protection of joints and cartilage, the strengthening of bones, and faster recovery after exercise, which opens the door to a heavier training load and better performance. Especially athletes engaging in...

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Product of the Month – Creating a universal health style with Mattisson

Once a month, we like to invite a Peptan co-branded partner to tell us more about what they do and why it matters. This month, we present: Mattisson Healthstyle, a company passionate about healthy and sustainable products which has developed several products containing Peptan collagen peptides  for promote a healthy lifestyle. Author: Ruud van Tol, Owner and Founder of Mattisson Healthstyle   What does Mattisson Healthstyle do? At Mattisson Healthstyle, health is our priority. Since our founding in 2001, we have aimed to promote what we call a Universal Healthstyle: a lifestyle that is comprehensively healthy and beneficial for consumers, the environment, and everyone in the production chain. We offer a complete range of natural and organic health products, from protein, enriched powder drink, vegetable oils, snacks, and gluten-free...

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Product of the month – Sanavita’s hyaluronic skin: advanced technology for greater beauty

Every month we invite a Peptan co-branded partner to talk about their product with Peptan collagen peptides inside. This month Andrea Dario Frias, P&D and Regulatory Affairs manager from Sanavita, a food manufacturer specializing in healthy functional products and food supplements that has science, innovation and scientific evidence in its DNA, presents their “Hyaluronic Skin” for skin beauty.   Author: Andrea Dario Frias, P&D Regulatory Affairs Manager at Sanavita                     “We want to take care of you, so you can take care of the world.” This is Sanavita’s purpose. We are a manufacturer specializing in healthy functional products and food supplements founded in 1984, located in Piracicaba, in the  countryside of São Paulo.  We have our own Research Center, composed by masters and doctors in nutrition and food science. This center works...

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Peptan Runners: Hooked on running | Paula Rossi

Paula Rossi, Accounting Assistant at Rousselot Brazil   Challenging myself As soon as I heard about the Peptan Runners program, I wanted to get involved. Before that, I had only ever walked; I’d never done anything like serious running training. So the thought of challenging myself, as well as improving my health and fitness, seemed like a no-brainer.   On the street at night Now, I’m hooked! I run 2-3 times a week, either alone on the street or at the gym. I like running on the street at night the best, but I’m excited by the thought of beach running, too, even though I haven’t’ tried it yet! My favorite race so far was the Night Run in Campinas: I loved the environment and atmosphere, and you could...