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9 November 2020

Start your day with Sontal® Collagen, celebrating 10 years of promoting quality of life

Our co-branded partner SONTAL® Collagen from South Africa is on Die Groot Ontbyt!   The daily breakfast program that broadcasts on GrootFM 90.5

6 November 2020

Product of the month – Meeting Malaysia’s health, fitness and beauty needs with Naturion

Continuing our series of monthly interviews with Peptan co-branded partners, we introduce Naturion, a company that works with Peptan to produce high-q

28 September 2020

Product of the Month – Creating a universal health style with Mattisson

Once a month, we like to invite a Peptan co-branded partner to tell us more about what they do and why it matters. This month, we present: Mattisson H

20 July 2020

Product of the month – Sanavita’s hyaluronic skin: advanced technology for greater beauty

Every month we invite a Peptan co-branded partner to talk about their product with Peptan collagen peptides inside. This month Andrea Dario Frias, P&a

13 July 2020

Peptan Runners: Hooked on running | Paula Rossi

Paula Rossi, Accounting Assistant at Rousselot Brazil   Challenging myself As soon as I heard about the Peptan Runners program, I wanted to get invol

9 July 2020

Peptan Runners: Running is a fun way to socialize with colleagues | Ademir

Ademir Jacometo de Oliveira, Project Engineer at Rousselot Brazil   Boosting my routine with running “I already spend a lot of time cycling and

9 July 2020

Peptan Runners: Running has made me feel happier and more energized | Peterson Godoi

Peterson Godoi, Sales Supervisor at Rousselot Brazil:   Reaching my health and fitness goals “After a tough period of exams, I thought it was t

4 July 2020

How collagen wen mainstream and why you need to know

A new book published in Denmark, ‘Collagen: Strong, Healthy, and Painless’, draws from interviews with Janne Prawitt and Claude Capdepon, Scienti

17 June 2020

Peptan Runners: Running gives me the feeling of freedom | Dyane

DYANE PARENTE, ACCOUNTING ANALYST AT ROUSSELOT BRAZIL: What running means to me I love running. Running is my therapy. When I get out there, I can tur

17 June 2020

Does ethnicity affect how our skin ages?

YES, IT DOES: THE BEST WAY TO CARE FOR YOUR SKIN DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU’RE FROM While more of us are starting to take care of the health of our skin,