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Hockey star Bjorn Kellerman extends partnership with Rousselot

Dutch field hockey star Bjorn Kellerman has extended his partnership with Rousselot until December 2021.  The partnership, which began in January 2019, highlights how Peptan collagen peptides can benefit top elite athletes like Kellerman, a World Championship and European Title winner.   Accelerated recovery Kellerman is enthusiastic about the boost Peptan has given him:  ‘An important part of my daily routine is Peptan collagen peptides. I use Peptan every day and since I started with it, two years ago, it has been very important in boosting my performance and recovery after games. With my intensive training program I must keep my body in good condition.’   ‘I give my joints a hard time’ Kellerman also uses Peptan IIm, as it helps his ‘joints to be better protected and to remain healthy’....

Papendal signing agreement

Dutch Olympic and Paralympic athletes continue to rely on collagen

Elite sports centre Papendal extends partnership with Peptan through to 2021 games Professional athletes hoping to represent the Netherlands at the 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, will continue to rely on Peptan® collagen peptides as a vital part of their sports nutrition programme. Peptan producer Rousselot and Dutch National Sports Centre Papendal teamed up in 2019 and have agreed to extend their partnership through to next year’s Games.   Collagen and collagen peptides are quickly gaining ground in sports nutrition – both professional and recreational – because of their science-backed health benefits. These include the protection of joints and cartilage, the strengthening of bones, and faster recovery after exercise, which opens the door to a heavier training load and better performance. Especially athletes engaging in...

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New 3D video illustrates Peptan’s bioavailability

In support of a recent published study demonstrating Peptan collagen peptides’ high bioavailability1, a new 3D scientific video has been developed to visualize the changes that Peptan undergoes while passing through our digestive tract and being absorbed into the blood stream. Depicting the changing composition of collagen molecules and the presence of bioactive hydroxyproline-carrying dipeptides (known as marker for collagen bioavailability and described to carry bioactivity) in the blood after Peptan digestion, this video details the science behind providing a visual explanation to the viewers the mechanism behind Peptan’s health benefits. Click below to watch video:     Read our Blog on Bioavailability   References: Kleinnijenhuis A. J. et al. (2020) Non-targeted and targeted analysis of collagen hydrolysates during the course of digestion and absorption. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 412: 973-982. Available...


The new face of Peptan®: Rousselot leads the way with the first comprehensive knowledge website in 8 languages on collagen peptides

Irving, United States — [17 February 2020] Rousselot, a Darling Ingredients brand and the global leader of collagen-based solutions[1], announces the revamp of as a multilingual website on everything about collagen peptides. Being the first collagen supplier to launch such a content hub, Rousselot aims to target the increasing number of people looking for reliable information on collagen peptides. Providing an overview of the naturally-sourced ingredient, its multiple health benefits as well as market and scientific insights, this content-rich, visually-appealing website will support Rousselot’s goals to provide trusted and transparent information on its key bioactive ingredient Peptan. Pioneering a collagen knowledge center approach Demand for nutritional and skin beauty products formulated with collagen peptides is rising globally[2] , with people increasingly interested in learning more about...


New languages upcoming soon!

Dear Visitors, Thank you for visiting our new Currently we only support English language, but the site will be available soon in multiple languages. Thanks for your patience! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Estimado visitante Gracias por visitar nuestro nuevo Hoy sólo está disponible en Inglés, pero pronto estará disponible en varios idiomas Gracias por su paciencia ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caro visitante, Obrigado por visitar nosso novo site Atualmente está disponível somente em inglês, mas em breve estará também em outros idiomas. Obrigada pela compreensão. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 您好, 感谢您访问我们的新 目前,官网仅支持英文界面,但我们会很快推出不同语言界面。 感谢您的耐心等待。...

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New clinical study confirms Peptan efficacy for skin beauty and hair strength

Rousselot, a Darling Ingredients global company and the leading global producer of gelatin and collagen peptides, has released the findings of a new clinical study[1] on the effects of Peptan® collagen peptides on skin beauty and hair strength. Adding further evidence to Peptan’s strong scientific portfolio, the study revealed that the oral supplementation with Peptan collagen peptides significantly contributes to improving the overall appearance of skin and hair in an ethnically diverse population. Promoting smooth-looking skin with collagen peptides The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical research was conducted with 60 healthy Brazilian women, aged 45 to 60 years. During a set period of 90 days, a group of 30 participants received a 5g daily dose of Peptan collagen peptides from bovine origin (Peptan B) while the remaining subjects...

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Rousselot as the collagen peptides supplier of Papendal’s pro athletes

Peptan to help elite performers reach for new heights Rousselot has been announced as the supplier of collagen peptides to professional athletes training at High Performance Centre Papendal in the Netherlands. The partnership means Rousselot, the producer and marketer of the world’s leading collagen peptides brand, Peptan®, will provide Papendals’ pro athletes with Peptan throughout 2019 and 2020. ‘The best nutrition for our athletes’ Dr Jeroen Wouters, Innovation Manager Sports & Nutrition at Papendal, is excited about the partnership. ‘Papendal is dedicated to providing the optimal nutrition to the athletes trained at our facility,’ he comments. ‘We look forward to this collaboration with Rousselot, the company behind the Peptan collagen peptide brand, in supporting specific sports nutritional needs of our athletes.’ Contributing to sports achievements Lisette Van Lith, Global Director...

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Clinical study highlights the efficacy of Peptan in sports recovery

The double blind, randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial involved 24 active young men, who consumed a daily dose of either 20g of Peptan, 10g in the morning and 10g in the evening, versus a placebo taken in two doses. The trial measured performance (by countermovement jumps (CMJ)), muscle soreness (using a 200mm visual analog scale) and a range of blood markers associated with muscle damage, inflammation and bone metabolism, before supplementation (at baseline), pre-exercise, post exercise, as well as 24h and 48h after physical effort. The participants took their allocated dose for nine days, which included a run-in period of seven days. The subjects then performed a series of muscle-damaging physical exercises to measure the effects of Peptan on connective tissue recovery. The assessment of muscle soreness...