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Visiting Barcelona? Hop on the Peptan bus

PEPTAN OFFERS TRAVELERS IN ONE OF EUROPE’S MOST POPULAR CITIES A HEALTH-PROMOTING RIDE Are you planning to visit Barcelona this year? If so, make sure you catch a ride on one of the Peptan buses crisscrossing the city. With our distribution partner Solchem, we are running a three-month bus campaign in Barcelona. While bus banners and posters share the health benefits of Peptan, travelers get to enjoy some of the city’s famous sights. Barcelona, the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast, home to 1.6 million citizens and one of the most popular international city tourism destinations in Europe. Hop on bus lines 67, 41 and 34 and you’ll be able to see some of the city’s famous cities, such as Plaza de Catalunya, Plaza Universidad and more (check the bus information below...