Disfor is a dietary supplement containing Peptan collagen peptides. Studies show that the collagen peptides can induce the production of the key cartilage components, aggrecan and type 2 collagen. 




Fascia is a nutritional supplement containing Peptan collagen peptides and antioxidants and biotin. Studies show that collagen peptides can enhance skin hydration and counteract the effect of skin aging. 





Soup Lift is a tasty combination of traditional and modern nutrition. It is developed with natural ingredients (chicken, coconut oil, sweet potato cubes, carrots and especiariais), and is highly nutritious with added Peptan collagen peptides (12g), active vitamins and minerals. 

Collagen 2 Joint

Collagen 2 Joint is a unique solution that combines collagens type I and II, vitamins C, D and K, as well as magnesium, manganese and zinc minerals. A very well articulated formula with ingredients and raw materials handpicked.



ARTRO CARE contains Peptan collagen peptides, vitamins and minerals to support joint health.

WOD Crossline Protein

A high biological value protein supplement, rich in amino acids that maximize results, provide the best muscle, joint, cartilage and bone strengthening recovery.









Mixture for the preparation of foods and ready-to-eat foods based on hydrolyzed collagen enriched with vitamin C, selenium and zinc, natural flavor.
















Colágeno 10 SI Organic 

Based on collagen peptides (Peptan®, 9g), silicon (ac ortho silicic 80 mg), vitamins and minerals, as a coadjuvant in the treatment of degenerative diseases of bones, joints, maintenance, strengthening and hydration of tissues nail and hair).








Articflex® provides several health benefits, since it acts contributing to the health of joints, bones and also to skin.