• Peptan collagen peptides co-branded Guatemala

VIU Colageno + Q10

A balanced mixture of Peptan hydrolyzed collagen and Coenzyme Q10, both easily absorbed and bio-available in our bodies, with the sweet taste of wild berries.

VIU's natural ingredients work at a cellular level, stimulating our body to produce collagen and coenzyme Q10 in an organic way, two essentially components in pure and vital beauty we stop producing as time goes by.

VIU Colágeno + Q10 is distributed in an aluminum casing, packed with 300 net grams of product and a 10 grams measuring spoon. It lasts for 30 days with a regular daily intake of 10 grams (a single serving of the measuring spoon provided) of VIU, more than enough to start seeing the expected results in less than 8 weeks.

VIU Calcium

Bovine collagen hydrolyzate mixture from Brazil added calcium and vitamin D3.

VIU + Pumpkin seed extract 

Food supplement / nutraceutical aimed at improving the quality of life of people who have stress urinary incontinence. 

It is a natural alternative to the health of the bladder in men and women.

The society continues aging and thereby increases the typical problems of urinary incontinence.