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Peptan Brand Ambassadors

Rousselot, the company behind the Peptan collagen peptides brand, engages with influencers to bring Peptan’s mission – ‘A world of health benefits’ – to the public. These influencers are recognized as leading figures within their communities, and for the knowledge they represent. As partners of Rousselot, they share with a wider audience their experience and expertise on how to stay active and healthy, and how to look and feel good from the inside out.


Rémi Blanchard

Age: 30 years old
From: France

Remi Blanchard is a French personal trainer and sports nutritionist who has a track record of competing in martial arts tournaments as well as in strength and conditioning. He finds beauty in physical exercise, and believes in a holistic approach of sports & wellness.

Bia Neres

Beatriz Neres

Age: 35 years old
From: Brazil

Bia Neres is a mother, an athlete and a woman eager to stretch the possibilities of life on the clear conviction that ‘impossible’ is a matter of perspective.

Igor Amorelli

Igor Amorelli

Age: 37 years old
From: Brazil

Igor Amorelli was born in Belo Horizonte, but at heart he is from Santa Catarina .

One of the best-known long distance triathletes in Brazil, Igor is champion of IRONMAN Brazil and several stages of the world circuit. He is the only Brazilian to have completed the IRONMAN in less than 8 hours.