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Hockey star Bjorn Kellerman extends partnership with Rousselot

18 Wednesday November

Dutch field hockey star Bjorn Kellerman has extended his partnership with Rousselot until December 2021.  The partnership, which began in January 2019, highlights how Peptan collagen peptides can benefit top elite athletes like Kellerman, a World Championship and European Title winner.


Accelerated recovery

Kellerman is enthusiastic about the boost Peptan has given him:  ‘An important part of my daily routine is Peptan collagen peptides. I use Peptan every day and since I started with it, two years ago, it has been very important in boosting my performance and recovery after games. With my intensive training program I must keep my body in good condition.’


‘I give my joints a hard time’

Kellerman also uses Peptan IIm, as it helps his ‘joints to be better protected and to remain healthy’. ‘With my active routine and weekly trainings, I give my joints a hard time,’ he comments. Peptan IIm helps me get the most out of my training sessions, and to be at my best for games.’


Bjorn picture

High engagement rate

The Dutch hockey forward is eager to bring Peptan collagen peptides and its health benefits into the mainstream, participating in co-branding campaigns and including Peptan in his Instagram posts as an influencer with a high engagement rate among his followers.


2021 Olympics

At Peptan, we are excited to see how this partnership develops throughout the next year, especially as Kellerman prepares for the 2021 Olympics in Japan with the Dutch national team. Kellerman has played 66 matches and scored 28 goals for the Dutch nationals.


Peptan and Peptan IIm are produced and marketed by Rousselot, the leading global manufacturer of collagen-based solutions for the pharmaceutical, food and (sports) nutrition industries.

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