Peptan IIm, bringing joint health a step closer

Peptan IIm is hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix, a powerful ingredient specifically designed for promoting healthy joints.

Answering to consumers' demands today, Peptan IIm's science backed multiple joint health benefits can help you uniquely position your joint health supplement in the market.

A unique opportunity to get to know Peptan IIm

A hydrolyzed cartilage of natural origin, Peptan IIm is an all-round joint health ingredient that offers multiple benefits in this critical area of health. Questions on how you can use this ingredient to develop a unique joint health product?

The single matrix ingredient that provides multiple joint health benefits

Type II Collagen originates from cartilage and is found in a natural matrix with glucosaminoglycans (GAGs): Chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid enabling a cushioned and lubricated environment for easy joint movement. Peptan IIm is a hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix containing hydrolyzed collagen Type II in the form of bioactive peptides and GAGs. Its unique matrix composition provides multiple joint health benefits.

Backed by science

Peptan IIm has been shown to be an effective joint health ingredient in a recent set of in vivo studies.

Easy formulation for joint health benefits

Peptan IIm is a premium hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix specifically designed for promoting healthy joints. Peptan IIm’s ease of use and unique matrix component can give your joint health supplement a winning position in the market. This powerful hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix ingredient, is optimized to ensure the best possible tableting and capsule filling performance. Its excellent compressibility and flow properties mean that you can count on worry-free production of high-quality tablets, capsules and other applications.



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    Benefits of type II collagen
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    Benefits of type II collagen

    Hydrolyzed type II collagen is leading the way into a new paradigm of safe and effective joint health solutions. But what exactly is type II collagen? Where does it come from? And how can it be used to support positive joint health? Read on to found out.

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Your answer to consumers in pursuit of an active, healthy lifestyle
If you are a nutraceutical manufacturer seeking to serve consumers who are in pursuit of an active, healthy lifestyle, Peptan IIm offers you the perfect solution. Its key advantages for formulation are
• Low daily dosage
• Cold water-soluble
• FDA-notified GRAS
• Clean label