Setting a new joint health formulation standard

Peptan IIm, our powerful hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix ingredient, is optimized to ensure the best possible tableting and capsule filling performance. Having a good flowability and consistent powder specification, Peptan IIm is fully adapted for tableting processes (direct compression and wet granulation) and use in capsules. While, at the same time, it has excellent cold water solubility, allowing incorporation in functional food and beverage solutions, such as liquid shots or nutritional gummies.

Consumer convenience

  • Convenient, low daily dosage (1-3g/day)
  • Soluble in cold water
  • Versatile application in tablets, capsules, functional food and beverages such as powder drinks, functional gummies, liquid shots and gel applications
  • Can be combined with other nutrients for further product positioning

Easy to formulate & process

  • Easy to handle during operations: Dust-free and free-flowing powder
  • Excellent solubility profile
  • Fully adapted to capsule filling and tableting processes
  • High compatibility with other ingredients and nutrients

Endless possibilites

Peptan IIm provides multiple joint health benefits, including reduction of joint inflammation. It is easy to digest, highly absorbable and bioavailable. Peptan IIm's multiple health benefits can be easily formulated into a variety of different applications thanks to its ease of use and excellent solubility. Below we will present you with some of the attractive applications that you can formulate Peptan IIm with. 

Compressed tablets

Direct compression - 99% Peptan IIm

Effective at a low daily dosage, Peptan IIm can be easily tableted for providing joint health benefits. Tablets with Peptan IIm have a smooth, white appearance and the right hardness and disintegration behavior, making them a very popular format for dietary supplements.


Direct filling - 99.5% Peptan IIm

Peptan IIm is an ideal bioactive ingredient with high flowability for hard capsules. Capsules with Peptan IIm are ideal for consumers who are looking for an effective and convenient supplement to support their joint health.

Rousselot’s pharmaceutical grade gelatin is an ideal excipient to carry Peptan IIm.

Functional gummies

Tasty while protecting cartilage

Compatible with other nutrients, these delicious functional gummies combine the best of joint health nutrients, including Peptan IIm, to promote healthy cartilage.

Rousselot’s food grade gelatin is an ideal excipient to carry Peptan IIm. Check SiMoGel on

Liquid shots

Comfortable joint on the go

Joint health is as important for healthy agers as for sportspeople. Peptan IIm’s unique combination of solubility and low dosage allows you to formulate it in small dosage shots or liquid gels. This offers consumers the flexibility to carry their daily shot of Peptan IIm anywhere, anytime.


Choose Peptan IIm to uniquely position your joint health supplement in the market