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Estudo clínico destaca a eficácia do Peptan na recuperação esportiva

O ensaio clínico duplo-cego, randomizado e controlado por placebo, envolveu 24 homens jovens ativos, que consumiram uma dose diária de 20g de Peptan, 10g de manhã e 10g à noite, versus um placebo tomado em duas doses. O estudo mediu o desempenho (por saltos de contramovimento (CMJ)), dor muscular (usando uma escala visual analógica de 200 mm) e uma gama de marcadores sanguíneos associados a lesão muscular, inflamação e metabolismo ósseo, antes da suplementação (na linha de base), pré-exercício, pós exercício, bem como 24h e 48h após esforço físico. Os participantes tomaram a dose alocada por nove dias, o que incluiu um período de run-in de sete dias. Em seguida, os sujeitos realizaram uma série de exercícios físicos prejudiciais aos músculos para medir os efeitos...

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Peptan was the first collagen peptide to be proven to restructure deep skin layers

In 2015, the first comprehensive scientific publication of research into the anti-aging benefits of Peptan was released1. Appearing in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, this paper was the first to elevate the science behind collagen peptides taken as a supplement for skin beauty to the next level by revealing strong clinical evidence to prove Peptan’s ability to restructure the collagen network in deep skin layers. This represents a true breakthrough in skin anti-aging science. The newly published data also presents a statistically significant effect of Peptan collagen peptides on skin hydration explained by the stimulation of hyaluronic acid production. This new compilation2 of skin health research  performed by leading dermatological institutes Laboratory Cosderma and EC Biolab in France and the Souken Laboratory in Japan, features evidence from...


Visiting Barcelona? Hop on the Peptan bus

PEPTAN OFFERS TRAVELERS IN ONE OF EUROPE’S MOST POPULAR CITIES A HEALTH-PROMOTING RIDE Are you planning to visit Barcelona this year? If so, make sure you catch a ride on one of the Peptan buses crisscrossing the city. With our distribution partner Solchem, we are running a three-month bus campaign in Barcelona. While bus banners and posters share the health benefits of Peptan, travelers get to enjoy some of the city’s famous sights. Barcelona, the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast, home to 1.6 million citizens and one of the most popular international city tourism destinations in Europe. Hop on bus lines 67, 41 and 34 and you’ll be able to see some of the city’s famous cities, such as Plaza de Catalunya, Plaza Universidad and more (check the bus information below...


I choose Peptan collagen peptides – Bas van der Kooij, Alecto Cycling Team

Peptan's collagen peptide contains the essential amino acids, which can improve the performance. A preferred brand by athletes all over the world. “I started using Peptan as a nutritional supplement back in May, during a period of intensive training and racing. Gradually, I began to experience the benefits. Around June I noticed a relatively fresh feeling and my sprinting abilities had improved. That clearly contributed to my good performance during the Danish and Dutch national championships. I’m looking forward to seeing where Peptan will take us throughout the rest of the season!” - Bas van der Kooij Bas is a 22-year-old cyclist from Maassluis, the Netherlands. He is an experienced mountain biker. His strength is his explosive power. Bas has raced in many European cycling events and recently...