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Collagen Peptides: Support Your Skin the Nutritional Way

Skin beauty: a fresh approach to an old problem Over the last few decades the most popular methods for maintaining skin beauty have been centered on the use of creams, lotions and gels applied directly to the skin as part of a daily routine. Another popular method is cosmetic surgery, which is very costly and quite invasive. A gradual shift in perception, however, has been taking place. New information is emerging and it’s changing our understanding of skin beauty. Consumers are becoming more aware of the scientific studies that support new innovations in the skin care industry. The concept ‘beauty from within’ is finding its way into the consumer’s mind. ‘Beauty from within’ is the idea that skin beauty should also be addressed by daily nutrition. The part of the...


Uma deliciosa bebida para saborear todos os dias, com os benefícios adicionais de peptídeos de colágeno Peptan. A bebida láctea é uma receita popular para criar bebidas saudáveis, com baixo teor de gordura e rica em proteínas. Ao criar produtos lácteos com Peptan, você consegue os benefícios adicionais de duas fontes de proteína: peptídeos de colágeno, como peptídeos de colágeno bioativo, e as proteínas do leite. Estudos científicos comprovaram que Peptan promove a saúde das articulações e ossos. O cálcio natural complementa a ação das proteínas para manter a massa muscular....