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Type II collagen for joint health: who is it for

Joint health isn’t just a concern for older people. Many younger people are also taking an interest in their long-term joint health. In this article we look at the three main consumer groups for whom joint conditions are a big issue. Then we take a look at how the emergence of type II collagen can help them solve their problems. Joint conditions are usually associated with the ageing population. However, many younger people are also concerned about their joint health. The two main groups in this younger category are sportspeople and overweight people. Nowadays, over-the-counter supplements - which tend to be a natural, safer alternative to long-term pain medication - are the common approach to supporting joint health. Up until recently the go-to supplements have been glucosamine and...



Uma deliciosa bebida para saborear todos os dias, com os benefícios adicionais de peptídeos de colágeno Peptan. A bebida láctea é uma receita popular para criar bebidas saudáveis, com baixo teor de gordura e rica em proteínas. Ao criar produtos lácteos com Peptan, você consegue os benefícios adicionais de duas fontes de proteína: peptídeos de colágeno, como peptídeos de colágeno bioativo, e as proteínas do leite. Estudos científicos comprovaram que Peptan promove a saúde das articulações e ossos. O cálcio natural complementa a ação das proteínas para manter a massa muscular....