The highest international quality standards

As a trusted partner of major food and pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world, we appreciate the importance of quality and safety like no other. At our state-of-the-art, certified plants in France and Brazil, our constant focus is on ensuring the complete safety of every product and process we are responsible for.

  • Our plants are HACCP and ISO9001 certified meeting the highest international quality standards. 
  • We ensure full traceability throughout every step of our production process. 
  • Our premium collagen peptides are 100% natural, safe and free from any preservatives or additives.

Strict selection of raw materials and suppliers

Peptan is manufactured from bovine, fish or porcine collagen. At Rousselot, we take the utmost care with the selection of our materials as well as our raw material suppliers and submitting them to our strict quality control programs. We set high standards for sustainability.

Strict QC sensory testing panels

Specific R&D developments and strict Quality procedures are implemented by the Peptan expert teams to ensure that Peptan powder is neutral to the senses, resulting in consumer products that taste great. This is done at two levels:

  • Using Peptan manufacturing expertise, we avoid the formation of undesirable substances such as free amino acids, Maillard reaction products or other hydrophilic compounds that are known to affect taste and odor.
  • Our Quality Control laboratory has set up a full sensory panel, similar to those used in the flavorings industry. The panel is used to characterize Peptan and to ensure that our commercial products meet customer expectations. This produces a neutral and recognized evaluation method for organoleptic properties.


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