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Rémi Blanchard joins as Peptan ambassador

8 Tuesday December

“I have been taking Peptan collagen peptides for the past nine months, they have been a game-changing shift in my lifestyle, helping me to recover faster in my intense training schedule” – Rémi Blanchard


With Peptan, bringing a world of health benefits


Rousselot is proud to announce its partnership with Rémi Blanchard, a French personal trainer and sports nutritionist as Peptan ambassador. Rémi will help to bring Peptan’s mission— “A world of health benefits” to the public by sharing his experience and expertise on how to stay active and healthy by balancing exercises and nutrition.


“I used to compete in different martial arts tournaments as well as in strength and conditioning and I really loved that. I find beauty in physical exercise and truly believe in a holistic approach to sports and wellness. That is the philosophy I want to share with people in order to help them reach their full potential.” Rémi says.


Integrating collagen peptides in the training program


Rémi has been using Peptan collagen peptides for the last nine months as part of his sports nutrition diet. “During the lockdown, I have been exploring more about calisthenics and flexibility, I used to train two to three hours a day, five days a week. It takes a lot of energy and focus which is why my nutritional diet must be optimal for me to perform at my best. I follow an animal-based diet and Peptan collagen peptides fit really well in this regime, it has been a game-changing shift in my lifestyle.”


To keep up the momentum of this partnership, Rémi and Peptan are launching a series of personal training videos to be broadcasted on Instagram and Facebook in the months of December and January. The aim of this series is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle from home. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to not miss on this unique opportunity to work out with Rémi.


Watch sneak preview below:



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Remi schedule


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Full body workout


Mobility Workout


7 ways to stay healthy


Express core workout


Lower body workout