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No matter which phase of our lives we are in, we all like to stay healthy and beautiful as long as possible. However as we age, the collagen production in our body slows down affecting our mobility and letting signs of aging appear.

Medical intervention and cosmetic surgeries can reverse some effects of aging, however they are often short-term, invasive and not without side effects. Dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages containing bioactive ingredients such as collagen peptides are developed to support our health and help attenuate the effects of aging, backed by science.

Collagen powder


Explore the health benefit dimensions and
the science behind Peptan collagen peptides.

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Beauty from within

Reversing the process of aging by improving collagen structure from within. Peptan is taking collagen’s science on beauty to the next level.

Sport nutrition

Accelerating exercise recovery, protecting connective tissues to prevent injuries. Peptan helps you getting to the next exercise faster.

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Joint Helath

Joint and bone health

Ensuring optimal joint and bone health for an active lifestyle. Boosting joint and bone health with Peptan and discover our new product – Peptan IIm specifically designed for joint health at a low daily dosage.

Healthy aging

Promoting mobility, helping us to maintain physical well-being and to stay active as long as possible, and to age gracefully with Peptan.

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How do collagen
peptides work ? 

Diagrammatic explanation of collagen

Collagen peptide absorption

Collagen peptides are modified while passing through the digestive tract. Especially the collagen-specific amino acid hydroxyproline forms hydrolysis-resistant peptide bonds that lead to the appearance of di- and tripeptides. Those peptides are absorbed across the wall of the intestine into the bloodstream, and exert a messenger function directly on the target cell.

Collagen molecules

Collagen peptides are bioactive

The di- and tripeptides that are formed during the digestion process carry the inherent bioactivity of collagen peptides. Those peptides are effectively absorbed from the intestine into the bloodstream, meaning that they are highly bioavailable. Reaching the target tissue of their bioactivity, e.g. skin, bone or cartilage, they deliver a messaging signal to the local cells positively influencing its function.



Passing of a digested nutrient from the intestine into the bloodstream.


The effect of a nutrient, upon the functioning of a target tissue (also referred to as messenger effect). For example, the increase of production of hyaluronic acid and the increase of moisture in the skin as a response to bioactive collagen peptides.


The efficiency and degree to which a nutrient is broken down into smaller parts in the stomach and intestine, that can be absorbed into the bloodstream.


The degree and rate at which a nutrient is absorbed into the bloodstream and is available at the site of bioactivity.