Innovation and shorter time to market

Peptan technical experts work in close partnership with our customers, while our Applications Centers can assist you with tailored answers to your questions. We will help you improve and facilitate the use of Rousselot products in your application, co-develop new products and help you get your products onto your market faster.

Innovation Days

Our Innovation Days are a unique opportunity for you to work with our experts on developing successful, marketable innovations. Whether you want to launch a new dietary supplements or functional foods with Peptan inside – we will help you to do what it takes.

Innovation Days can be exclusive single-customer workshops focusing entirely on your innovation project.

We also organize Innovation Days for groups of customers, using these events to share experience, ideas and technical information we believe may help you.

We sometimes also involve partners working in the fields of flavorings or ingredients in our Innovation Days

Our Innovation Days offer you an ideal opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of our technical experts and to tap into the technical resources at our Global Expertise Center, in Ghent, Belgium.