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Accelerating your sports recovery with Peptan collagen peptides


Sports is all about maintaining, or improving, our level of performance and fitness. In order to do this, we must keep our bodies in good condition in terms of strength and muscle mass. We should be aware that an intensive training program with short recovery times raises the risk of injury, while strengthening the overall musculoskeletal system – which includes not just muscles, but also joints, bones, tendons and ligaments – can prevent injury.

With a unique amino acid profile, collagen peptides contain high levels of the amino acids glycine, hydroxyproline, proline, alanine and arginine – providing specific sport nutritional benefits. In short, they offer multiple benefits linked to muscles, recovery and connective tissue support.

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Peptan has been demonstrated in a clinical study to reduce recovery time after physical exercise.


Discover the science behind Peptan for sports nutrition

Muscle Soreness

A recent double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study (1) performed in the UK demonstrated that the subjects who were supplemented with Peptan experienced:

20% less muscle soreness at all time points after intense exercise, compared with those who received a placebo dose.

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In the same study (1) the subjects who were supplemented with Peptan reported:

An increase in sports performance indicating an accelerated recovery from the exercise.

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Peptan IIm for sportspeople

For sportspeople, better lubricated cartilage means improved performance, quicker recovery time and speedier development. It can also help them mitigate the risk-factors (in terms of joint health) associated with intense sporting activity. Find out below how Peptan IIm can support an active lifestyle.


Single ingredient with triple joint health benefits of the full Matrix

Peptan IIm originates from cartilage and represents a natural matrix of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and hydrolyzed collagen type II. A recent study2 has shown that Peptan IIm can protect cartilage from wear and tear and promote cartilage lubrication.


Low dosage level (1 – 3 g/day)

To maximize convenience of supplement intake for sportspeople, Peptan IIm is specifically designed to be effective at a low daily dosage.


Easy to take

Peptan IIm can be found in different types of finished products such as capsules, tablets, and – due to its high solubility – in powder drinks and shots.

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