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Why Revive Active’s ‘super supplements’ are becoming a global success

In this month’s interview with a Peptan co-branded partner, we present Revive Active, an Ireland-based company that produces the highest quality ‘super supplements’ to support individuals around the world in their pursuit of health, fitness, and beauty. Author: Christina Hackett, Brand Manager at Revive Active What is Revive Active, and what does it stand for? Revive Active’s ethos is simple: to formulate and produce premium super supplements, that contain the best ingredients, sourced from the top suppliers worldwide, provided in the most bioavailable form, so we can make a difference to people’s health and wellbeing. Our unique products are formulated and produced in Ireland before they are exported to over 48 different countries around the world. Can you share the story behind Revive Active? In 2011, our managing director,...