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danish collagen book

How collagen went mainstream and why you need to know

A new book published in Denmark, ‘Collagen: Strong, Healthy, and Painless’, draws from interviews with Janne Prawitt and Claude Capdepon, Scientific Director Health & Nutrition and Application Manager at Rousselot, respectively, to explore the benefits of collagen. The book – published by Politikens Forlag, one of Denmark’s largest and most acclaimed publishing companies – Illustrates colorfully and with solid science how this unique natural health ingredient continues to gain popularity across the world . It’s the story of how one protein has emerged from being a niche ingredient to an essential item on business shelves – including those of Danone, Nestlé and Hershey’s – and in consumer diets worldwide. A valuable science document and a fun cookbook! One of the attractions of ‘Collagen: Strong, Healthy, and Painless’ lies in the...