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#COLLAGENTALK, EP 3 – Marta Hernández talks about collagen for sports nutrition and Weider collagen

In this episode of #CollagenTalk, we are honored to invite Marta Hernández, food technologist from Weider Spain to talk about their new product CollagenPlus that has recently been launched onto the market. During the interview, you will hear about the history of Weider, their philosophy of ‘SMART NUTRITION’, how they came up with the new Collagen Plus with Peptan inside, how it can help benefit sportspeople’s nutritional needs and more. Watch to discover. (Weider Spain is a Peptan co-branded partner)   [interview transcript] Pauline: Welcome to #CollagenTalk, I am Pauline from Rousselot, your host of this episode. My guest today is a food technologist from Weider Spain, a leading sports nutrition brand. A warm welcome to Marta! Marta thank you for joining us, can you tell us a bit more...