Testimonials from our valued customers

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Peptan adds value and credibility to the positioning of Angel La La, our bestselling product line.



To convince doctors and patients of Cartilar®’s performance, we needed a high quality proven ingredient like Peptan.



The many benefits of Peptan have made it easier for us to develop products that can be adapted to the demands of different consumer groups.



Peptan’s expertise and brand image helped us organize several successful congresses and improve the training of our medical sales representatives.



In addition to the wealth of clinical information available on Peptan, Peptan experts have helped us in our communication strategy.



Thanks to the added value of Peptan, consumers are prepared to pay a price premium for a product which promises proven health benefits.



Peptan has allowed us to develop various products with different benefits for joints, bones, skin and hair. The range uses collagens from different sources, all of premium quality.