"Endo-Met Farma’s name is an abbreviation of Endocrinology and Metabolism: our team is composed almost exclusively of endocrinologists, working to develop solutions to tackle joint discomfort, obesity, diabetes and other problems related to metabolism

Around the world, almost 85% of people over the age of 65 experiences joint discomfort. And yet this remains a challenging market: in Colombia for example, many people think there is no solution for improving joint function and flexibility. Endo-Met Farma is working to educate healthcare professionals, changing attitudes and highlighting collagen peptide treatments. There is still plenty of potential in this growing market.

The company’s flagship Argel product Peptan as the main active ingredient. The other active ingredient is Vitamin C, added on the advice of our doctors for synergistic effect. The most important factor in determining the effectiveness of collagen-based products is their bioavailability: more than 90% of Peptan collagen peptides are digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, and are efficiently transported to the cartilage. Peptan is not only an active ingredient, but it comes with other add on values such as formulation support. This has been a decisive factor in the success of our products.

Endomet and Peptan worked well together when it came to communicating about our products towards healthcare professionals: Peptan’s expertise and brand image helped us organize several successful congresses and improve the training of our medical sales representatives. Thanks to Peptan, we are able to promote Argel with a prominent focus on the product’s technical assets, its mode of action and its proven effectiveness. The corpus of scientific studies conducted on Peptan further cement the credibility of the product.”

Jose Luis Rodríguez Herrera
Sales Manager
Endo-Met Farma