“Fortified Food Coatings (FFC) was founded in October 2012, specializing in nutrient delivery via a thin layer of gelatin applied to ready meals. Our ambition is to help shape a future where people can get all the nutrition they need from their meals, with no need for extra pills.

Good health begins with vitamins and minerals, not medicines. Furthermore, micronutrients are much easier to get on the market than drugs and medicines. Cooking vegetables and other foodstuffs causes some of their vitamins and minerals to be lost. Hence our innovative idea of adding nutrients after the cooking process. The company drew inspiration from an old French culinary tradition of coating food with a thin layer of jelly, intended to prevent them from drying out and changing color. We combined these two ideas in the form of a nutrient-rich gelatin coating for ready meals, and a new business was born.

The main target market for this innovation is senior citizens, from active, mobile seniors to more fragile pensioners living in residential care and unable to cook for themselves. These consumers may suffer from nutritional problems, but they still want to stay independent, active and happy. Our goal is to create a new generation of ready meals, expertly prepared by meal manufacturers and then reheated at home in the microwave, delivering restaurant quality food with proven health benefits. The pleasure of a good meal is a crucial priority in this demanding sector of the market.

FFC focused on four key routes to market: hospital meals, people living at home in need of dietary supplements, the retail sector and the catalogue/online sales market.

We approached Rousselot with this project brief, and Rousselot was highly enthusiastic about developing the first coating. It needed to be transparent, colorless, thermo-reversible, capable of keeping the food on the plate, evenly and easy spreadable and stable when frozen. Rousselot found the right solution with a combination of gelatin and Peptan®: gelatin is applied to the meal using a food printer in order to fix it on the plate, followed by a coating of bioactive protein-Peptan® to boost bone and joint health, collagen peptides also support muscle mass. Thanks to the added value of Peptan®, consumers are prepared to pay a price premium for a product which promises proven health benefits. 

In 2013, while this project was under development with Rousselot, DSM came on board to provide a customized and synergistic blend of vitamin D3 and calcium with Peptan® collagen peptides. This co-innovation project would not have been possible without those two key partners. 

In addition to their great professionalism, Rousselot has embodied the spirit of open innovation not only to their product development work, but also in terms of sales and positioning. Even though Rousselot is a very large organization, they are really open-minded and rapidly recognized the potential of this innovative concept proposed by a new company. Rousselot is a company with its eyes fixed firmly on the future.” 

Diederik Bruins
Fortified Food Coatings