“Hankintatukku Oy was established in 1982, and is now the largest producer of dietary supplements in Finland.

The company’s product range covers everything from vitamins and minerals to trace elements, herbal extracts and various mixtures delivered in different dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, liquids and cosmetics. Around 70% of our products are sold on the domestic market, while the rest are exported to 36 different countries, mainly in Europe but also in South East Asia. The population of Finland is just 5 million, which means that export sales are the best way to boost profits. The company has had a range of liquid products since 1989, and one of our most innovative products is the Vivania® beauty shot featuring collagen peptides. Vivania® is a big seller not just in Finland, but also in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Greece.

When developing this project, we needed to secure a reliable supply of premium quality collagen. That is why we turned to Rousselot, whose Peptan collagen is backed up by numerous scientific studies. Hankintatukku Oy has been a Rousselot client for three years now.

The nutricosmetics market has been growing rapidly for the past six years thanks to the reputation and the proven performance of collagen, especially the respected Peptan brand. Among the 1,500 different ingredients used in our own liquid production, Peptan is the top collagen with the most solid scientific backing. As well as being adaptable to different dosage forms, Peptan comes in a range of molecule-weight suitable for formulating in drinks or tablets. Peptan’s strong scientific evidences are proved to be invaluable.

In order to promote collagen awareness in Europe, we educate retailers using different leaflets and presentations focusing on collagen and its benefits. Peptan plays a big role in our communication strategy. The wealth of scientific studies conducted on this particular ingredient have yielded clear results after four weeks of use, but according to feedback from our consumers two weeks are sufficient to feel a noticeable improvement.

In addition to the wealth of clinical information available on Peptan, Peptan experts have helped us in our communication strategy by addressing our clients directly in special workshops. Peptan experts are best placed to talk about the latest studies and the effectiveness of the product. We really appreciate the information we receive, which is a major asset with some of our biggest clients.”

Matti Kaarlas
Export Director & Production Manager for Liquids and Cosmetics
Hankintatukku OY