"For over 100 years Laboratorio Chile has been putting its experience at the service of healthcare in South America, and we are now part of the global TEVA group

The concept of Cartilar® was developed based on our observation of similar products presented at scientific events, as well as extensive discussions with influential opinion-makers regarding the benefits of collagen peptides in traumatology and rheumatology. When Rousselot approached us with Peptan®, it was an obvious choice for us to develop a new product for cartilage, bones and muscles health. But it was not easy. For many years it has been widely believed that the only way to treat joints was with a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin. When hydrolysed collagen first hit the market, doctors were sceptical because there was no concrete evidence of effectiveness for joints. Nowadays, opinions are changing thanks to the weight of scientific evidence available.

Trust is essential for our consumers, which is why we encourage medical prescriptions. Laboratorio Chile provides training to demonstrate to doctors the efficacy of Cartilar®, allowing them to prescribe the product with confidence. Patients trust the knowledge and advice of their doctors, and soon notice the benefits of Cartilar®.

To convince doctors and patients of Cartilar®’s performance, we needed a high quality proven ingredient like Peptan®. The molecular properties of the active ingredient are crucial to its success, but we also have strict requirements in terms of organoleptic characteristics. For Laboratorio Chile the key criteria were good dissolution, rapid absorption and digestibility (high bioavailability), as well as a pleasant smell and taste. The goal is for consumers to barely notice the presence of the food supplement. Peptan® offers all of these qualities and more, and the advanced technical and scientific support we have received from Peptan® experts has allowed us to develop a product with proven efficacy which is widely appreciated by consumers.

Although there is a lot of competition in this market, the prospects for further development are still very strong.” 

Mauricio Lagos Céspedes
Brand Manager, Línea Osteomuscular & Pain Relief 
Laboratorio Chile