"NatureMax Biotechnology is recognized as the health nutrition and health care expert on the Taiwanese nutricosmetics market.

NatureMax Biotechnology is recognized as the health nutrition and health care expert on the Taiwanese nutricosmetics market. We are an award-winning company that works closely with globally leading manufacturers and imports high-quality health ingredients. Building on our strong R&D and marketing teams, we are continuously extending our range of outstanding products and services – all aimed at promoting consumer health. 

Angel La La, an award-winning product line loved by consumers

Our bestselling line is our Angel La La collagen series. It is helping us to establish ourselves as an opinion leader on the Taiwanese nutricosmetics market, developing new delivery forms with collagen to help boost collagen intake and promote consumer health and beauty. 

We launched the Angel La La series in 2011 in response to growing consumer interest in maintaining beautiful, youthful looks. Consumers love it and it has received a lot of recognition. In 2014 and 2017, Angel La La received the Gold Award at the 50th Monde Selection, the famous FrenchBelgium food, drinks, and cosmetics awards event. It also received the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) from the vice-president of Taiwan. 

On Taiwan’s highly competitive nutricosmetics market, Peptan is a strong asset 

Collagen is well known in Taiwan; many consumers, especially ladies, begin using collagen in their 20s and it is definitely one of the ingredients vital to success in this business. 

In our Angel La La series, we use Peptan collagen peptides. The Peptan brand stands out for several reasons. First, it has a strong global reputation and the quality, reliability and support that come with that. Second, Peptan collagen peptides are neutral in taste and odor and very easy to integrate in different delivery forms, which makes it easier for us to expand the Angel La La series. Peptan is also backed by strong clinical studies with regard to its effect on skin beauty and anti-ageing. As the world’s leading collagen peptides brand, Peptan really adds value and credibility to the positioning of our Angel La La product line.

Cultivating customer intimacy with different delivery forms

Angel La La has an image of superior quality and safety, which is very important to consumers. It is also a brand that wants to cultivate intimacy with consumers. By actively engaging with them and listening to their feedback, we have managed to build a large, loyal customer base that is continuing to grow – not only in Taiwan, but also in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia. 

The affordable price of Angel La La collagen products makes them accessible to a wider public. The different delivery forms answers varying consumer needs. The powder drink, available in sachet and package form, offers convenience and is enjoyed especially by consumers with busy lifestyles, aged 30 to 50 years. The jelly stick provides a healthy snack, appealing to younger consumers. The tablets are typically enjoyed by those always on the go, as they are easy and quick to take anytime, anywhere. 

Audrey Chiang
Product Manager
NatureMax Biotechnology