"TCI is a leading manufacturer of dietary supplements, functional drinks and cosmetics, based in Taiwan since 1980.

With factories in both Taiwan and China, our company delivers innovative and effective products and services ranging from concept design to manufacturing. TCI is committed to delivering value and innovation for its clients in over 35 countries worldwide, with a very strong presence in Asia. 

Over 75% of the global population have access to our range of collagen-enriched products, including functional drinks, powder sachets, capsules, tablets, jellies and facial masks.

Collagen is a very popular product all over the world, and particularly in Asia. Globally recognized for its premium brand image, Peptan is proven to make skin more beautiful and help combat the signs of ageing. Peptan is a key ingredient in our best-selling products, including beauty shots.

Promoting the benefits of collagen in China is one of our key strategic objectives: the product already enjoys a strong reputation in this very promising market. The Chinese market continues to grow steadily, and we have received a substantial number of enquiries asking directly for products featuring this ingredient.

TCI’s products are aimed at both women and men, reflecting the dynamic nature of the Asian market. The male beauty market continues to grow, and certain elements of our product image have been fine-tuned to target male consumers. Some of our clients are also distributors, which means they have ample opportunity to inform consumers about the products and tailor their messages to different target audiences. The many benefits of Peptan have made it easier for us to develop products that can be adapted to the demands of different consumer groups.

We are currently working on blending collagen with local active ingredients capitalizing on the trend for combining traditional substances with modern technologies. We found an active ingredient from “Red Quinoa”, which is a local species in Taiwan, and it’s named “Formosal Ruby™. It can stimulate and increase the growth of collagen. Products which incorporate Formosa Ruby and collagen are proving to be a huge success with global market. Adding Peptan into the mix is an added sign of quality.

TCI opted to use Peptan because of its chemical quality, its high bioavailability and digestibility and its entirely neutral taste and odor. Peptan is backed up by a sizeable corpus of scientific data, allowing us to meet our customers’ requirements with precision and confidence. In addition to the clinical trials conducted by Rousselot, Peptan’s efficacy has been backed up by a survey conducted in Taiwan, which reveals that more than half of customers reported positive results for their skin after taking Peptan for one month. 

Rousselot is one of our most reliable partners, offering not only quality products but also an excellent level of service and a proven expertise, contributing to the strength of our image in this competitive market. Consumers recognize the brand, and are impressed to discover that the collagen we use comes from France. For our consumers, Peptan is synonymous with reliability, premium quality and performance."

Ruby Chien
International Procurement Manager