"Headquartered in the southeast of Spain, Vaminter is a family company which has been manufacturing and marketing food supplements since 1994.

Colagenova® is a range of five dietary supplements based on Peptan collagen, designed for healthier joints and bones, as well as more beautiful skin. The Colagenova® range was created to meet the dynamic demand from the market. In the past, dietary supplements based on collagen had failed to deliver convincing clinical results. With Colagenova®, we changed all that, offering a quality product made with active ingredients of proven efficiency. The supplement is easy to take, which sets us apart from the competition. Collagen is one of the most popular ingredients on the Spanish market for joint, bone and skin care, and consumers recognize the benefits of this active ingredient. 

In order to make an impact on the competitive Spanish market, products need proven effectiveness as well as a cast-iron quality and safety guarantee. Peptan fits the bill perfectly: the numerous studies and abundant scientific data prove its health benefits; Peptan collagen peptides are optimized for high bioavailability and activity, and their hydrolyzed form makes them easy for consumers to digest. The entire Colagenova® range is based on this premium active ingredient.

Moreover, Peptan has allowed us to develop various products with different benefits for joints, bones, skin and hair. The range uses collagens from different sources, all of premium quality. Our goal is for consumers to recognize Colagenova® as a quality brand, instantly associating our name with ingredients that are proven to deliver results. Using Peptan in our products reinforces this image of quality and reliability. In addition to the abundant clinical data – a clear asset when producing documentation about Colagenova® for distribution to healthcare professionals – Peptan’s experts provide targeted support on matters of regulation and formulation. 

Our company’s goal for future is to continue offering effective and easy-to-take products. We are currently working on developing a new range of snacks which provide a daily dose of Peptan and can be integrated into consumers’ everyday diet. The hope is that this innovative new product family will help Vaminter break into new markets all over the world."

Miguel Ángel Mas Leal