At this year’s Hi Europe, Rousselot®, the leading producer of gelatin and collagen peptides, will showcase its natural health ingredients for the food and nutraceutical markets. Visitors to stand D14, hall 3, will learn more about Peptan® collagen peptides, and how it delivers holistic benefits for improved health, which are strongly supported by science. On November 29th and 30th, Rousselot and Peptan experts will share insights on key market innovations and discuss formulation opportunities when manufacturing collagen and protein-enriched products to capture the health conscious consumers.

Peptan: providing multiple health benefits by acting as the body’s building blocks

Peptan, the leading collagen peptide brand, will be showcased at HiE. A unique bioactive protein, Peptan provides multiple benefits proven in scientific studies for healthy aging, joint and bone health, sports nutrition and skin beauty. As a high-quality, natural ingredient with a neutral organoleptic profile, Peptan can be easily integrated into a variety of functional foods and beverages and dietary supplements. On stand, visitors will be able to sample a range of Peptan prototypes such as the refreshing Coco Drink for anti-aging benefits and Bee Healthy™ gummies for supporting skin beauty as well as a creamy dairy snack and Milky Almond Drink for promoting musculoskeletal health. 

On Tuesday November 29th between 1:00pm – 1:30pm, Mai Nygaard, Global Director for Peptan, will present at a conference titled ‘How collagen peptides captured the health conscious consumer. Trends and market views on collagen peptides holistic health benefits.’  With unrivalled expertise in the market, Nygaard will discuss the latest global market trends, examples of successful positioning of collagen products and their active health claims. The conference will also explore a variety of scientific and clinical trials that support Peptan’s anti-aging and mobility benefits. 

In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to discover key tactics for tapping into the nutritional market. On Wednesday November 30th between 12:00pm – 12:25pm, Rousselot’s Product and Business Development Manager, Dr. Elke De Clerck, will present a seminar on ‘Addressing the challenge of functional and fortified nutrition’. Held in the Global Seminar Theatre, the session will highlight the relationship between functional and fortified nutrition and how to position products to appeal to consumers with different nutritional needs.


ProTake™: the protein enriching ingredient for fortified food and beverages

Alongside Peptan will be ProTake, Rousselot’s leading hydrolyzed gelatin. A clean label ingredient containing 90 percent protein, ProTake is ideal for food manufacturers looking to easily achieve high protein levels in their products. Due to its excellent organoleptic properties, ProTake can be simply incorporated into a wide range of fortified food products that needs protein enrichment, without impacting on taste aroma. Hi Europe visitors can sample a number of ProTake prototypes including soup and bars.

Reaching further together with its customers, Rousselot and Peptan experts will be on hand throughout the show to discuss co-innovation and formulation challenges and provide dedicated technical support. To find out more visit or follow @RousselotGlobal@Peptan_Global.