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Dairy Drink with 3 jars


A delicious drink to enjoy everyday, with the added benefits of Peptan collagen peptides. The dairy drink is a popular recipe for creating healthy, low-fat, high protein beverages. By formulating dairy products with Peptan, you get the added benefits of two protein sources: collagen peptides as a bioactive collagen peptides and milk proteins. Peptan has been proven, through scientific studies, to support both
joints and bones. Natural calcium complements the protein action to maintain muscle mass.

Ingredients (for 5 glasses, or 1 liter)

Peptan Collagen Peptides (100g)
Sugar (60g)
Skimmed milk (835g)
Flavoring of your choice (strawberry, chocolate etc) (A few drops)
Fresh fruits of your choice (50g)


1. Pre-mix the Peptan and sugar in a bowl
2. Mix the blend into a bowl of milk, while whisking
3. Add flavoring to the drink and stir
4. Store in the fridge and serve with your favorite fruits