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Dairy Drink recipe

Dairy drink with Peptan

10 Tuesday September

A delicious drink to enjoy everyday, with the added benefits of Peptan collagen peptides. The dairy drink is a popular recipe for creating healthy, low-fat, high protein beverages. By formulating dairy products with Peptan, you get the added benefits of two protein sources: collagen peptides as a bioactive collagen peptides and milk proteins. Peptan has been demonstrated, through scientific studies, to support both
joints and bones. With calcium, Peptan offers a synergistic benefit.

Ingredients (for 5 glasses, or 1 liter)

Peptan Collagen Peptides (100g)
Sugar (60g)
Skimmed milk (835g)
Flavoring of your choice (strawberry, chocolate etc) (A few drops)
Fresh fruits of your choice (50g)


1. Pre-mix the Peptan and sugar in a bowl
2. Mix the blend into a bowl of milk, while whisking
3. Add flavoring to the drink and stir
4. Store in the fridge and serve with your favorite fruits