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Hockey star Bjorn Kellerman extends partnership with Rousselot

Dutch field hockey star Bjorn Kellerman has extended his partnership with Rousselot until December 2021.  The partnership, which began in January 2019, highlights how Peptan collagen peptides can benefit top elite athletes like Kellerman, a World Championship and European Title winner.   Accelerated recovery Kellerman is enthusiastic about the boost Peptan has given him:  ‘An important part of my daily routine is Peptan collagen peptides. I use Peptan every day and since I started with it, two years ago, it has been very important in boosting my performance and recovery after games. With my intensive training program I must keep my body in good condition.’   ‘I give my joints a hard time’ Kellerman also uses Peptan IIm, as it helps his ‘joints to be better protected and to remain healthy’....

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Dutch Olympic and Paralympic athletes continue to rely on collagen

Elite sports centre Papendal extends partnership with Peptan through to 2021 games Professional athletes hoping to represent the Netherlands at the 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, will continue to rely on Peptan® collagen peptides as a vital part of their sports nutrition programme. Peptan producer Rousselot and Dutch National Sports Centre Papendal teamed up in 2019 and have agreed to extend their partnership through to next year’s Games.   Collagen and collagen peptides are quickly gaining ground in sports nutrition – both professional and recreational – because of their science-backed health benefits. These include the protection of joints and cartilage, the strengthening of bones, and faster recovery after exercise, which opens the door to a heavier training load and better performance. Especially athletes engaging in...

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Peptan Runners: Hooked on running | Paula Rossi

Paula Rossi, Accounting Assistant at Rousselot Brazil   Challenging myself As soon as I heard about the Peptan Runners program, I wanted to get involved. Before that, I had only ever walked; I’d never done anything like serious running training. So the thought of challenging myself, as well as improving my health and fitness, seemed like a no-brainer.   On the street at night Now, I’m hooked! I run 2-3 times a week, either alone on the street or at the gym. I like running on the street at night the best, but I’m excited by the thought of beach running, too, even though I haven’t’ tried it yet! My favorite race so far was the Night Run in Campinas: I loved the environment and atmosphere, and you could...

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Peptan Runners: Running is a fun way to socialize with colleagues | Ademir

Ademir Jacometo de Oliveira, Project Engineer at Rousselot Brazil   Boosting my routine with running “I already spend a lot of time cycling and swimming, but I wanted to add another physical activity to my routine. Running seemed like the perfect option, as it would help me build more muscle and increase my cardiopulmonary resistance – exactly what I wanted to develop. Plus, it seemed like a fun way to socialize with colleagues!   A remarkable running moment Running is now a key part of my life. In total, I run alone three times a week and in a group once every 15 days. I’ve learned a lot from the training sessions organized by the Peptan Runners team and the expertise they offer during races. I really enjoy the...

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Peptan Runners: Running has made me feel happier and more energized | Peterson Godoi

Peterson Godoi, Sales Supervisor at Rousselot Brazil:   Reaching my health and fitness goals “After a tough period of exams, I thought it was the right time to change my diet and start getting more physically active. When I was invited to join the Peptan Runners team, it felt like a turning point for my health and fitness. Much happier Since joining the team, I’ve become more disciplined in how I train, as well as getting much fitter and healthier. As a lot of studies1 show, running can have a huge positive impact on your life, and I’ve noticed this in my own! I feel much happier and have more energy to tackle the hectic routine of sales. I’ve also been able to change my eating habits. I can...

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Peptan Runners: Running gives me the feeling of freedom | Dyane

DYANE PARENTE, ACCOUNTING ANALYST AT ROUSSELOT BRAZIL: What running means to me I love running. Running is my therapy. When I get out there, I can turn everything else off. It gives me the feeling of freedom. It made me leave my comfort zone, meet new people, and collect medals. All in all, running has made me a better person, both physically and mentally.   Overcoming limits As I’ve started running more, now two or three times a week with friends, I have realized that I can go further, overcome my limits, and become a better and healthier person each and every day. Running helps me to relax as well as improving my focus and concentration.   Unforgettable running memories My best running experience, without question, was the Bertioga Maresias Ultra-Marathon...

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Peptan Runners: Keeping mind and body in balance | Marcelo

MARCELO PERALTAS, RAW MATERIAL DIRECTOR AT ROUSSELOT BRAZIL: Why I got into running “When the Peptan Runners program began, it was just an extra activity in my workout routine; we already had a group of mountain cyclists, and we practiced almost every weekend. Now, running is the main part: I run three times a week. Running is important to me, because I want to maintain my physical condition, feel better, and prevent diseases linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Research shows that running can strengthen the heart and build stronger bones, so I knew that picking it up would be beneficial.   “Research suggests that running can strengthen the heart, build stronger bones, and help fight depression.”   My best 10km experience I enjoy running 5km and 10km, but I love street...

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Peptan Runners: Learning to love running | Amanda

AMANDA CAZOTTI, SALES ASSISTANT AT ROUSSELOT BRAZIL: Learning to love running ‘Running first came into my life when I was a kid. But I hated it! The reason was simple: every morning of December 31st, the São Silvestre race was on TV, which meant no cartoons! The result was that I grew up thinking that running was boring and useless.   In 2018, the Peptan Runners program started. I told myself I’d never get into anything like that, but at the insistence of a friend and co-worker, called Rafaela, I ended up signing up. At first, I was nervous about running on the street: it felt like the stupidest thing I’d ever done. But that changed after I started out on my first run.   When I crossed the finish...

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What is sports recovery, why is it important and how can collagen peptides help?

With recreational sports and fitness activity on the increase, this article takes a look at the importance of sports recovery and how an ever growing population of active people can benefit from the ‘recovery principle’. We also look at the best ways to optimize recovery, including some exciting news about collagen peptides.    The world population is getting more active. In recent years there has been a boom in recreational sport and athletics, with millions of people taking up their favorite activity either at an amateur level or simply as a hobby.    Though not everyone is doing it for the same reasons. The part-time sports enthusiasts and non-professional bodybuilders want to achieve their performance goals, so they’re taking inspiration from the professionals and pushing themselves further with more intensive...